Research Survey

Having two or more long-term health conditions (for example diabetes and depression, asthma and heart disease) can be difficult to manage. A variety of support is available to help people live as well as possible with their health conditions: through the NHS, local government, charity organisations and volunteers. But the outcomes and impacts of community-based support — how and why people might benefit from it — is not well understood.

Researchers at the University of Oxford are inviting adults who have two or more long-term health conditions, and who are currently living in the UK, to take part in our study. We want to find out what community-based support people with multiple long-term health conditions have, or would like to have, to live as well as possible.   

The research would last around 30 minutes and would involve:

  • Completing a survey on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access
  • Considering if you would like to be contacted about a follow-up research interview

Your responses would be kept confidential. More information about the study is available here:

If you would like to discuss the study, you can contact Dr Caroline Potter (researcher) on 0800 138 3009 or by email:

If you are ready to take the survey, follow this link: